thomas barlow interactive portfolio

website design

This was a website commissioned by a friend in serious need of a permanent portfolio in which to showcase his work. An extremely talented sculptor, he worked in many fascinating and esoteric mediums: ice, snow, sand, chocolate, cakes, and flowers, among others. However, like many great artists, his mind was definitely focused on his work, and not so much on how to preserve its memory for posterity - an unfortunate state of affairs for one whose work regularly gets eaten, melts, wilts, or recedes back into the sea.

Working with a disheveled pile of mostly amateur photographs that were, at best, afterthoughts, and were, more often than not, torn, faded, stuck to each other, and/or covered with chocolate, powdered sugar, or some other such stickiness, I found myself in the rare position of struggling to get the photographs and packaging to actually do the product justice. In the end, though, I think we were able to build a very nice showcase for his highly impressive body of work.