customizable web application

requirements analysis, user interface design

Driven by mandates from certain governmental health standards organizations. healthcare is going digital, and fast. One of the areas under a lot of scrutiny of late is the neverending process of training and certification of healthcare workers, and the faster hospitals can get electronic records on this, the faster they will be protected from various fines and penalties (not to mention lawsuits).

To address this need, I was engaged along with one other designer to create an extremely rich and complex Learning Management web application especially tailored to healthcare workers. Meant to integrate as seamlessly as possible into individual client intranet sites, it not only had to be highly modular (it could be sold to clients in various pieces, a combination of those pieces, or an entire set), it also had to be highly client-customizable, both look-and-feel- and content-wise. The most difficult part of this project was keeping a sense of recognizable structure to something that could wind up wearing so many different faces.