healthcare solutions framework

requirements analysis, user interface design

Every once in a while, the management of giant software companies decides to shake things up, and they do things like announce a complete overhaul to the software you thought you'd just finished designing. This happened to our team while developing a comprehensive suite of healthcare solutions, both inpatient and ambulatory - no small effort, to be sure.

A mad scramble went underway to put new framework design ideas in for consideration, and our team of designers worked individually to propose several different solutions in order to get an array of different concepts in front of decision-makers in a very short amount of time.

While most of this design never left the drawing board, a few of the key concepts were successfully incorporated into the final overall re-design. Albeit a very small contribution, I like thinking that I've made the lives of doctors and nurses out there - and therefore also patients - just a little bit easier. Which is not a completely unselfish thought to have, once you stop to consider that you might just be on the receiving end of this thing someday.