bwana gear

branding & identity design, print & web design, tradeshow booth design & management

Bwana Gear is a Colorado-based startup that designs and manufactures an interesting line of protective cases that have built-in (patented) air-cushioning technology. Originally the brainchild of an outdoor-gear-loving garage inventor, the air-pump technology is a rather new idea that's starting to catch on in several outdoor markets.

I was engaged early on in the company's development in order to establish their brand identity. These were the specs: An Old-World-British-Explorer-Goes-On-Safari theme, yet the logo itself still had to be sporty, hip and edgy. It had to suggest travel, action and adventure, but appeal to men as well as women, surfers as well as golfers, kids as well as grandparents and everyone inbetween. And it had to have a lion in it. Other than that, though, I had total creative freedom.

To the left are a few examples of some of the original designs from the initial launch of the company. From the top down they are: logo, sales brochure, website (click here to launch in a separate window), and tradeshow booth screens (10' x 8' total size).