children's bicycle safety CD-ROM

concept development, storyboarding, character and background design and animation, user interface design

Adventures in Bicycling was a full-length CD-ROM commissioned by the city of Greeley, Colorado as part of a valiant campaign to educate kids about the importance of bicycle safety whilst keeping them awake at the same time.

In the game, players had to successfully navigate their bicycles through Anytown, USA, stopping here and there to meet up with many strange and interesting characters. Each character had a safety lesson to impart, after which the players were tested on what they'd learned and then sent on their way. Official printable certificates were given out to players who made it safely all the way across town.

This game was built in Director and most of the screen elements were painstakingly crafted pixel-by-pixel. It was also my first exciting - yet humbling - opportunity to provide the voices for some of the characters in the game.

All artwork was co-created alongside fellow animator/artist William Follett.